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Perfect Serve G&Ts


40ml Premium Gin
Bottled Tonic Mixer | Garnish
Tasting Notes

Slimline Tonic | Fresh Lemon Twist
bold, floral & fresh citrus

Wolfe Bros. of Yorkshire Small Batch Gin
Indian Tonic | Fresh Grapefruit
crisp, bright juniper & citrus

135 East Japanese Gin
Lemon Tonic | Pink Grapefruit Zest
bright, bold and forward citrus

Wolfe Bros. of Yorkshire Raspberry & Hibiscus Gin 
Slimline Tonic | Fresh Orange
fresh, green raspberry & subtle spice

Tanqueray Sevilla Gin
Slimline Tonic | Fresh Lime & Lemon
fruitful, zesty & bright
Porter's Tropical Old Tom Gin  
Mediterranean Tonic | Dehydrated Orange
passionfruit, guava & white tea