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40ml Premium Gin
Tasting Notes
Bottled Tonic Mixer | Garnish

Malfy Rosa
elegant, bright, pink grapefruit
Slimline Tonic | Fresh Orange Wedge

Wolfe Bros. of Yorkshire Gin - Batch #3
crisp, bright juniper & citrus
DD Indian Tonic | Fresh Orange 

No. 39 Gin - crafted in the heart of Leeds by The Liquor Studio.
rhubarb, thyme & lime
DD Indian Tonic | Fresh Lime

Plymouth Fruit Cup

elegant, fruity, better than Pimms
Ginger Ale | Fresh Cucumber

LAB Organic Swedish Gin
elderflower, lingonberry & mango
DD Indian Tonic | Fresh Grapefruit

Hepple Northumberland Gin
intricate production method, bright juniper & Amalfi lemon
DD Light Tonic | Fresh Lime & Lemon

Citadelle French Gin
mexican orange & chinese liquorice 
DD Light Tonic | Dehydrated Orange