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The Domino x Rolands

Takeover Menu
For one night and one night only, the boys in black (turtlenecks) are back. 

Drinks are limited.
As is the banter. Choose wisely.

Salamander | £9
Pisco, Raspberry, Citrus, Pedro Ximenez Wine Top
Short, Light, Fruity
High Jinks | £9
Wolfe Bros Gin, Vermouth, Red Pepper infused Aperol, Fernet Branca
Dark, Bitter, Twisted
Rose Rouge | £9
Hennessy, Vermouth, Rose Liqueur, Elderflower, Prosecco Top
Floral, Short, Bubbly
Lagavulin Highball | £8.5
Lagavulin 18, Pedro Ximinez, Oloroso, Smoke & Oak Bitters 
Sweet, Smokey, Salted
Floralis #3 | £8.5
Wolfe Bros Gin, Elderflower, Bergamot Liqueur, Dill, Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon 
Timeless Domino Classic 
Paloma | £8.5
El Sueno Tequila, Aperol, Agave, Grapefruit Cordial 
Fresh, Herbaceous, Zingy
Isle of Capreae | £8.5
Sairen Dark Stone, Pineapple Campari,  Banana Coc’n’oat, Pineapple
Tropical, Bold, Creamy
Monte-Cola | £8.5
Amaro Montenegro & Fentemans Curiosity Cola
Bittersweet & Nostalgic