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Cocktails & Spritz


Jewel of The North | £8.5

Our entry into the Top 50 Bars competition. A twist on a classic Bijou. Wolfe Bros London Dry gin, Lustau Rosè vermouth, coffee infused yellow Chartreuse, chocolate and orange bitters.

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Served short, garnished with a cherry.


 Silent Night | £9.5
A winter twist on the famous New York Sour. Glenmorangie X, Apricot liqueur, Champagne Reduction, Lemon and Love. 
Served short over ice with a splash of mulled wine.

Espresso Martini | £9
Some guy once said we make the best in town. Bonomi Vodka, Stout Syrup, Wolfe. Bros Coffee Liqueur & Cold Brew Coffee. 
Served straight up with roasted coffee beans

French Martini | £9
Taken from our friends across the road at the Domino. Bonomi Raspberry Vodka, Salina Amaretto, Framboise, Mure, Pineapple Demerara Syrup, Citrus & Pineapple Juice.
Served straight up, shaken, bold & rich fruits

Roland’s Irish Coffee | £7.5
Slane, Coffee, Stout Syrup, Vegan Cream, Nutmeg.
Served hot. Boozy and delicious! 

Peach Highball | £8.5
Slane, RinQuinQuin à la Pêche & Ginger Ale.
Served long over ice with a lemon twist and a respectful nod to Mr David West

Grasshopper | £8.5
Minty twist on the all famous White Russian. Maxime Trijol VS, Briotette Mint Verte, Crème de Caçao, Branca Menta, Oat Milk
An After Eight in a glass at any time of day 

Veritas Daiquiri  | £9
Veritas Coffee Pot Distilled Rum, Citrus & Sugar
Crisp, fresh & balanced. The ultimate daiquiri

Fleur de lis | £8.5
Bonomi Vodka, Bergamot Liqueur & Cranberry & Ginger Tonic
Fresh, light, and herbaceous spritz served long over ice

 Penecillin #2 | £8.5
Slane, Pear Liqueur, Honey and Ginger Syrup, fresh lemon
 spritz served long over ice. World changing.

Perfect Lady | £9
Wolfe Bros Gin, Peach Liqueur, Apple & Lemon Juice
 Shaken & served straight up

 Branch Out | £9
Evan Williams Bottled in Bond, Amaro, Fernando de Castilla & Nut Bitters.
A rich and festive Manhattan, stirred & served straight up. Contains nuts.

Poinsettia | £9
El Tequileño Tequila, Lustau Rojo, coffee infused Chartreuse & Chocolate bitters.
A warming, chocolatey and herbaceous Sweet Tequila Manhattan.

Commodore | £9
Rosemary infused Boatyard Gin, Aged Old Tom Gin, Cranberry Vermouth, Bergamot Liqueur & a blend of Aromatic bitters.

A sweet & sophisticated twist on a Gin Martini served straight up.

Bloody Mary | £8.5
All of our Mary’s are made with our secret house spice mix, V8 vegetable juice &  lemon juice. Have it classic with Vodka, as a Red Snapper with Gin or a Bloody Maria with Tequila.
Served long over ice with a spiced salt rim and an array of garnishes 

Michelada | £7
The big boss's favourite drink of all time. House spice and tomato mix served long over ice and topped up with Pacifico Lager. 

Have it Pala style with an extra measure of tequila for £9
Served long over ice with a beer on the side