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Whose Tai?

Whose Tai?

5 Serves
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A tropical Irishman walks into a bar...
Boozy, fruity, tropical and delicious with a charming Irish kick

Whats in the Bottle?
Slane Irish Whiskey
Plantation Original Dark Rum
Pistachio Syrup
Fresh Lime Juice
Orange Bitters

500ml bottle | 5 serves | undiluted ABV 24.5%

How easy is it to make? 
Give your bottle a thorough shake and pour 100ml into a cocktail shaker, jam jar, Keep Cup or protein shaker. Add a handful of cubed ice, shake about 20 times and then strain into a short glass over cubed ice.

Garnish and enjoy!

What's the Use By Date? 
14 days from date of dispatch - request a specific delivery date if you're thinking of ordering ahead, just add a note at checkout!

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